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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Maybe I've been at home too much or maybe it's because the inside of the house looks finished I can start looking at more fun parts of house decorating. There have been big developments to my bedroom, I have a new bed (you can see my before photos here and updates here). It's an old cast iron frame that just needs a a lick of paint and a new mattress. I've drawn up a scale plan of the room and I'm going to change everything around - wooo hooo! BUT the biggest thing I've decided on is that the room definitely needs a sofa. I've gathered up some inspiration and done a little bit of research as to whats available. I'd like something low and soft in a gentle shade of grey or neutral, I'm so excited! Here are my favourites.
Florence Classic Sofa, Love Your Home 

Stocksund Sofa, Ikea (I was recommending this to my friend just the other day) 
Saturday Sofa, Sofa.com

I'm going to have to save for a while or do some serious Ebay searching but the idea is now firmly planted in my head so it's only a matter of time!!! 

Review - Bead House, Gemstone Studded Bangle Kit

Thursday, 8 October 2015

One of the perks of blogging is every so often I get given a great product to review. I was recently contacted by the lovely people at Bead House, a new to me online bead and jewellery making supply shop to review one of their many jewellery making kits. For me one of the joys of jewellery making is being able to use all my supplies gathered from travels around the world so I often shy away from jewellery making kits as I think they could be too restrictive to what I want to make. The choice of kits that the Bead House offers definitely made me re-think my opinions about them, they have so many options for all levels of jewellery making. 
 I choose the Fabulous Friday, Gemstone Studded Bangle Kit. It came with a really generous amount of wire, two bangles, four large and six small rose quartz beads. I really loved was the sweet pull out draw box and the really comprehensive jewellery making instructions provided. What impressed me the most was the kit really allowed me to try some different ideas, here's what I came up with.
 Wire wrapped gemstone bangle - Sticking to the kit, I wrapped large and small rose quartz beads onto the bangle with wire. I used approx. 50cm lengths of wire, fixing the large stones before the small.
 Leather wrapped rose quartz bangle - Inspired by this Anthropologie bracelet I decided to wrap my rose quartz in a strip of leather. I then wrapped beads and wire around the bangle and finished with an additional piece of leather and a few additional seeds beads.
 Leather and wire rose quartz earrings - I glued a small piece of leather to the front of the small piece of rose quartz and then wrapped with wire. I added a tiny piece of leather to the back of the earrings and then added earring posts to complete.
I'm so happy with my new pieces, I can't wait to layer up these bracelets over the next few months. Thanks to Bead House for supplying the kit, all opinions and ideas are my own. Happy Making! x

DIY - autumn ideas

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

The best things about colder days? More time inside to make! Here are some of my favourite DIY's to get you inspired.

Silk Wrapped Earrings
Rope and Brooch Necklace
Upcycled Coffee Table
Jewel and Brooch Necklace
One Seam Skirt 

Styling The Seasons - October

Thursday, 1 October 2015

For this months Styling The Seasons I have a new surface to style - exciting stuff. I recently bought this amazing stripped pine and glass cupboard from my cousin and I love it, its taller than me (5ft 5in - I think) and about a metre wide. It's so nice I don't want to put anything in it! Instead I focused on the top adding a few prints that I've been saving plus a few extra bits and pieces I've been gathering. The only trouble was getting to the right height to photograph everything - heavily pregnant and precariously balanced on a table don't make for the best photos, apologies! 
I don't find October the most inspiring of months, I miss the brightness of summer yet the anticipation and sparkle of Christmas still feels far away.  I had to dig deep to find out what the month means but as I write this with one over due baby still wriggling away in my belly, October has to be about family.  It's been two years and few days since Dan and I got the keys for our house and we've spent nearly every weekend or any spare moment making improvements creating a home for a family we hoped to have. Now that the house is under control and no longer leaking its feels strange to be waiting for the next stage of our lives start, I have no idea what to expect from here on in. 
Inspired by family I've chosen prints given to me by my youngest sister. The Ham rabbit print was a Christmas present (I love rabbits, they're my favourite animal FYI), this print reminds me of my cat Rosie the day we got her and our old family bunny. The second print which you can only just see is of our beloved family cat which sadly passed away this year, being a very talent graphic desiger (she did my logo) she designed and printed it herself. I love that it's printed in navy and not black.

I have quite a collection of paintings from my mum and sisters, I'm really lucky to have such a talented family around me. Whenever I go to my mums there's always some kind of craft activity going on, lately I've been playing with acrylic and silk paints. We've always been encouraged to use our creativity and make a mess, this is something I really hope I can pass onto my children. I always feel a bit sad when I hear people discouraging their children from painting or doing messy activities - using your hands and getting grubby is so much fun, I think I'll be the first one with my hands in the paint and glitter! 
I'm not normally one for dark colours but I couldn't resist this tea pot from the charity shop, I really like these colours, they remind me of a bowl with the most beautiful roses on that my auntie has. I added a couple of hydrangea heads from a new plant that I can't wait to see grow. If I was writing another Styling The Seasons post then it'd definitely be about planning the garden for next spring and summer, there's something really hopeful about getting seeds and bulbs ready for the following year. 

Apart from family I guess this month is all about getting ready for the future, for the first time in a long time I'm starting the month with a blank page. 

Styling The Seasons is a joint project between Katy from Apartment Apothecary and myself, each month we invite you to style a surface in your home to reflect what the month means to you. Upload either a post to your blog or an image to any social media site using the hastag #stylingtheseasons so we can see your images. Have a super month. 

Simple blackberry syrup

Thursday, 24 September 2015

A few weeks ago my mum and I went out to pick blackberries, it was at that point in the summer when the grass had turned to gold and the hedgerows were ripe for picking. Collecting berries is all very well but I'm never quite sure what to do with them.  As I've been seriously craving cold fizzy drinks all summer I made a simple blackberry syrup to use in autumn based drinks.

The recipe is really straight forward - one cup sugar, one cup water and about a cup and a half of blackberries. Gently bring everything to the boil once the sugar has completely dissolved, leave to infuse (I left mine over night). Strain out the pips and store in an airtight jar (mine has lasted over three weeks). 

I've been mixing my blackberry syrup with a squeeze of lemon, a splash of apple juice and topping up with fizzy water. I think it would taste equally lovely with a dash of gin and depending on how you want your night to turn out a top up of prosecco. Cheers! 

Inspiration - berry and blush

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Inspired by this beautiful blackberry wreath from Really Pretty Useful's Styling The Seasons September post - I started searching Pinterest for other autumn wreath ideas. What I came across instead was this gorgeous combination of berry and blush shades.  I'm not great with the change from summer to winter but this combination gets me really excited - I want to create wreaths using the last of the summer dahlia's and hydrangeas, buy berry coloured knits to wear with soft shirts and leather boots and add a few more berry and blush lipsticks to my collection. Happy Autumn everyone! 

You can follow me on Pinterest here

You can find flower crown tutorials here and here

DIY - colourful gift wrapping

Friday, 18 September 2015

Since I've been on maternity leave I feel like my brain has been flooded in technicolour, thoughts and ideas are coming bright and bold. If you're into soft and pale then this might not be the DIY for you! I've been itching to create another gift wrapping post for my blog after my pretty spring wrapping post and finally got around to creating these colourful beauties. 
First I started with the wrapping paper, I couldn't resist this gorgeous Abigail Warner leopard print paper. For some the beginning of autumn is all about rustic and earthy for me its all about shimmering shades of gold and sparkle! I like to use what I have around me and so used up some wallpaper samples with a butterfly design, honeycomb balls picked up in Ikea (their gift wrapping section is getting really good), a watercolour sample card from my sister and of course a selection of ribbons and cords from my stash. 
Honeycomb balls and ribbon scraps - If like me you keep even the tiny scraps of ribbon this is a perfect wrapping idea for you. Wrap a piece of ribbon around the parcel and attach the balls to the ends. I added the largest ball to a separate piece of ribbon and tied to the centre of the ribbon. I then tied in scraps of colourful ribbon, if you are using new ribbon then you'll needs lengths of approximately 15 - 20cm.  
Paper butterflies and pom poms - This is a really simple one I cut around butterfly shapes from a wallpaper sample (try this one for similar shapes/designs). Added a mini pom pom trim around the gift and then stuck the butterflies onto the top using double sided tape in a layered design. 
Watercolour tag and leather tassels - My sister has been busy with watercolours this summer, this was a colour test that I snaffled from her - I just love the bold mix of shapes and colour. I cut an oversized tag and fixed to the gift using cord. To add an additional layer of texture I added some pleather tassels to a small length of mini pom pom trim. This idea is a perfect example of using up what you have to create a really unique wrapping idea. 
Even if bold bright colours aren't your thing I really hope this post inspires you to get a little more creative with your gift wrapping. I can be guilty of giving gifts after the event has happened but I'm never guilty of under wrapping, that's for sure! Happy making! x
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